Tasks and Results of LENR Transmutation experiments by “Synthestech” (Sponsored Post)

The following is a sponsored post that has been submitted by Russian company “Synthestech”

Tasks and results of LENR Transmutation experiments by “Synthestech”

Tasks which Vladislav Karabanov’s research team is facing

The first task was to find a method of manageable and effective implementation of the LENR Transmutation of chemical elements. That is, a transformation of low-value chemical elements into valuable ones. A method that has a perspective of industrial application. The microbiological method of transmutation of chemical elements, was proved, by analysis results, to be unpromising. In biological environments, transmutation cannot be controlled and will not yield significant results in the next 15–20 years.

Therefore, we chose to search for a controlled method of LENR Transmutation. At the end of 2016, the beginning of 2017, we gained a clear understanding of the necessary conditions that allow the Low-energy Transmutation process to occur. We have developed a number of important “know-hows” and have identified the key components that should be included in the process. During this period, we have carried out several hundreds of experiments and more than a hundred of different analyzes of the obtained chemical elements. The analysis of both the original matrix and the substance obtained after the process, was conducted.

Developed Know-how

Dozens of modifications of the LENR Transmutation reactors have been built and tested. We have developed a combination of reagents and compositions of chemical elements that allowed the process of Low-energy Transmutation to occur. We have determined effective methods of energy impact on the prepared medium with a matrix of the starting chemical elements.

It is necessary to point out that we did not seek to delve into theoretical concepts, but focused on practical experiments and results.

As a result of the carried out LENR Transmutation, according to the developed model, valuable chemical elements of the platinum group (platinum, iridium, palladium, ruthenium, etc.) were recorded in matrices of low-value chemical elements (copper, iron, tin, etc.). Also, the presence of other elements, which did not exist in the initial matrices, was recorded.
Examples of chemical analysis results, conducted in a number of independent laboratories.

Image 1. Spectrogram showing presence of a valuable element (in this case iridium), which was not present in the starting material.

Also, as a result of the LENR Transmutation process, in addition to the above mentioned elements of the platinum group, other chemical elements, that were not present in the initial matrix, were obtained (selenium, germanium, niobium, etc.)

Image 2. Results from another laboratory using other analytical equipment. As a result of LENR Transmutation iridium, platinum, and ruthenium were obtained.

Analyzes were conducted in various laboratories and using various equipment in order to receive versatile data. The results confirmed the occurrence of new elements, among which are chemical elements of the platinum group.

Concerning the Cold Transmutation, the Coulomb barrier and the things alike, I can explain them in the following way. I just want to share it with you.

Imagine that the outer border of an atom is like the walls of a house you live in. People inside the house are like protons. If people try to leave the house chaotically, they will bang against the walls. And in order to get out of the house you have to destroy the walls. That is, to overcome the Coulomb barrier. But in reality, people do not leave their houses breaking down the walls. They go through the door or, in the extreme case, through the window. This door or a window is the way, the tunnel through which the proton exchange takes place. And this is Cold transmutation (LENR Transmutation).


Summing up, the research group “Synthestech” has carried out a successful experimental and research work. The foundation was laid for the further development of the technology for LENR Transmutation of chemical elements. There is a realistic perspective in the foreseeable future, with the appropriate technical and laboratory facilities, to develop an industrial technology for the LENR Transmutation of chemical elements.

Our web site: http://synthestech.com

Vladislav Karabanov

  • georgehants

    Wonderful, the more the merrier, open conformation required but no less exceptable than Rossi’s talk up to now.
    It cannot be long before others, mainly our Chinese friends make an announcement.
    Of course “precious” elements have no real value to the World, unless they can be used in some process to help Cold Fusion or some other beneficial technology.
    Should be very encouraging for MFMP.

  • Gerard McEk

    I think I ask Andrea for an E-cat QX to breed gold of lead and get my house heated as well. 😉
    I am not sure if precious materials stay precious if everybody is going to do that. !-(

    • Bob Greenyer

      Unfortunately, it is easier to go the other way – and for a few specific reasons which I will detail as I can find the time to make the information coherent.

      • georgehants

        Morning Bob, keep them coming, always look forward to your reports.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Transcript, including recorded reading of Kenneth Shoulders & John Hutchison’s 2010 meeting where they talked about the near infinite potential of “Charge Clusters” also known as “Exotic Vacuum Objects” also known as “Condensed Plasmoids”

          – Unlimited Energy production
          – Antigravity
          – Propulsion
          – Transmutation
          – Teleportation
          – Unimaginable destructive capability


          Full transcript in blockchain, video published to IPFS (Inter-Planitary File System, designed to be impossible to censor) and there is a link to the Soundcloud, which I have made downloadable

  • Bob Greenyer

    Synthestech, according to my understanding, said two things in their video launch presentation that shows the do have at least some understanding of the process. They may know much more.

    In the coming period, I will continue to spell it out with reference to ours and others data, as fast as I can.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Depends on conversion and further refining efficiency.

  • Bob Greenyer

    With respect, it is not clear that you are far ahead of all existing scientific groups. You may be, but nothing on your site or in you patent documents proves this, moreover, clear things are redacted in your presentation material that make it impossible to be sure you understand the process. Though, as I said above, there are things you did say, that show you do have some understanding, but they were said a long time previously by Kenneth Radford Shoulders & S. V. Adamenko – the other thing you alluded to is clear to see in datasets from Le Claire, S. V. Adamenko and Suhas Ralkar amongst others.

    It is certain that many groups have practical embodiments in the works and commercial ambitions, so your first statement is flat out wrong. An example of this is S. V. Adamenko’s group who have not only synthesised nearly every element in the periodic table (and super heavy stable elements outside the periodic table), but have now moved to the US and are actively pursuing commercial objectives. Moreover, Adamenko published a detailed 700 page book describing their work in with no redactions.

    There are some fora where you would be able to get away with this kind of messaging, but E-Cat World is not one of them, there are two many people that know too many things and you do your credibility a disservice by writing in this way.

    Perhaps you are just a publicity person and have been mislead as to the uniqueness of your associates offering, in which case, you need to pass on this very small rebuttal to your sponsors and ask them to be more honest, since this is embarrassing.

    Your technologists appear to be on the right track, as far as my understandings go and I wish you well.

  • sam

    Who is Adamenko?
    Thanks Sam

    • Bob Greenyer
      • Bob Greenyer

        “Formation of artificially derived chemical elements instead of the initial atoms, including the long-lived and stable isotopes of superheavy chemical elements which are not found on earth or in near space.”

        “It was also suggested that, during the evolution of this cluster, the process of emission of superheavy neutral nuclear clusters with A > 3000–5000 takes place.”

        Here we see Vysotskii and Adamenko refer to electron / nucleon clusters which emit neutral (i.e.charge screened) charge clusters as “New kinds of radiation” – AKA – “Strange Radiation”


        • georgehants

          Morning Bob, don’t these guys know that establishment science already knows everything and the holy priests preach that anything else is impossible.
          The inquisition must act quickly or some scientists are going to realise that science does not have a clue if there is a creator or genuine UFO’s etc. etc.
          The end of brain-washing our students could lead to knowledge that must be kept from the masses, or Truth could lead to people actually thinking for themselves.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Morning George,

            I fear that S.V. Adamenko has been captured in the States. The Proton-21 lab work, cited in 2007 by shoulders as amply demonstrating EVO driven effects, should be deeply studied by all that wish to understand LENR.

          • georgehants

            Bob, I think that it will be “deeply studied” by the warmongers in their secret caverns, but any thought of releasing knowledge by these fanatics for peaceful purposes would be unthinkable.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Don’t worry, it is coming.

  • Bob Greenyer

    So this would explain why you have no unique evidence of understanding in your presentations. You are asking people to take it on faith with presentation of partial datasets.

    Do you think that all researchers in the field of LENR have nothing more than what they have made public? Since you are not making public what you think you have that is unique, how do you know that others are not doing the same.

    me356, LION, Rossi, Piantelli to name just 4, are all holding onto what they think is unique trade secrets – this is why it seams disingenuous to make statements like you are.

  • Bob Greenyer

    The underlying technology has already earned a lot of money for some.

    me356, Rossi, Adamenko – just three examples of commercial players – it is not unique to want to make money from this.

  • sam


  • Good day,
    We want to share our vision of fulfilling our Project Goals here: https://blog.synthestech.com/we-will-reach-our-goals-in-no-time-c801d3ddeb68

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