E-Cat QX Presentation, Live Thread #1

I will start posting materials that I receive from the E-Cat test location in this thread. It may not be very organized but I will try to keep up with I receive. I will add items to this thread until it gets too big, then will start another one.

This is the first photo taken by ECWreporter who was able to have a look around the presentation room at the IVA Conference Center in Stockholm on the day prior to the test.

ECWreporter is now at the conference center.

9:40 local time — ECWR: “Looks like start at 10”

10:12 local time — Mats Lewan is moderator.

A video clip from Mats’ Presentation:

Sorry this is all a bit confusing, I am getting links, but not sure what order they were filmed in. Below is a short clip of Rossi speaking:

This is a closeup video of water flowing

And another

Some more images:


Here’s an excerpt of Rossi speaking at the presentation. Audio is not good.

Some more information coming via ECWreporter:

2:29 Local time:

The meeting is now over, and took longer than expected. It was initially planned to run for 2 hours, but ran for closer to 4.

There were some problems taking readings from a spectrometer because the plasma in the QX was so small, and hard to focus the spectrometer on. This was apparently chosen as an additional method of measuring the temperature of the plasma.

Calculated COP reported to the audience was apparently around 300

There were measurements taken using two different resistors across the QuarkX, a 0 Ohm resistor, and an 800 Ohm resistor. ECWreporter did not have the details of the calculations taken, but they will be in the video.

Carl-Oscar Gullstroem gave a presentation on theoretical aspects of the E-Cat.

Andrea Rossi took questions at the end.

It looks like we are going to have to wait for the official video to get a clear picture of all that took place, and that is predicted to be ready at noon US Eastern Time. I would not be surprised however, if it was delayed, just because if the event was longer than expected it might take longer to render. We’ll see how that goes.