Black Friday Was a Day of Success for Rossi (ECWreporter)

The following post has been submitted by ECWreporter.

It is Saturday morning and after a good breakfast in my hotel I am down at my laptop in order to summarize what really happened yesterday at IVA Conference Center in the heart of Stockholm.

The short one is:

From my view as one of the quite privileged around 70 participants in the First E-Cat QX presentation at the the Wallenberg Auditorium, we were all witnessed an historic success. At the same time my own ambitions to try being a real time reporter on behalf of ECW was rewarded with some failure.

First, quite a short comment on the reporting that did not work out as I hoped, maybe someone can benefit from it more than myself. As mentioned in my earlier post, I had already before the event accepted to try assisting ECW with reporting including also,if possible, a direct feed back from the room during the day.

The direct feedback failed and here is what happened. After the arrival to IVA we all had to show our ID and were given a neck badge without names on them. At 10:00, doors were opened and after some delay the introduction by Mats Lewan started and he confirmed that all reporting was free.

Almost immediately I began to upload my first photos and videos to Frank at ECW, but also quite soon felt that this was probably not the good for way for me to do it. As a retired senor citizen, born the same year as Andrea Rossi, and not yet very experienced in video streaming and messaging from smartphones, I got problems.

It soon became clear to me how difficult it would be to perform meaningful direct reporting while at the same time following the presentations. So finally, my ambitions for real time reporting was dropped and I decided to fully trust the professional (2 cameras) continuous video recording that was to be published with around 8 hours delay. After that I instead fully concentrated on the measurements, while now and then discussing the outcome with different attendees.

Now is the time to motivate why I already, the morning after the presentation, dare to use the big word of success. I wrote an earlier post on ECW and before I get down to the details here is maybe a good moment, if case you have missed it, to briefly browse that post published the day before the test.

My intention with that was to assist ECW followers in their preparations, both for what should take place during Black Friday, November 24, but also for the different reporting and comments that should be expected afterwards. And I noticed at least one already but more are likely to show up already later today.

Especially I suggest you review the last two segments: Varying expectations and hopes, and, Will the test procedures be transparent enough?

Now let us try to find the answer to the most important question: was the demonstration a success or not in the eyes of the viewers?

The main reason for my assumptions for a positive verdict is of course the now already known remarkably high COP of 507 which was officially confirmed late last night.

Related to this is also the important key question already well formulated several weeks by Dr Mike: “will Rossi make a measurement of the device input power in a manner that is deemed accurate by the audience observing the test?”

Already this morning I think most people present yesterday are prepared to answer this question with a yes.
And as soon as the complete video recordings from yesterday are publicly accessible I suspect that a large majority of the viewers will join with their positive answer.

Unfortunately, still at this time of writing, I have not yet see the videos published but they hopefully will show up quite soon.

The other is the now much improved transparency of the test protocol.This was achieved by two important changes that Rossi, on proposal by Mats Lewan, allowed to be introduced in the measurement of the electrical input power to QX generator. First one being an oscilloscope used for the real time visualization of the generator current to be able to visualize exclude any additional high frequency power feeding the generator and two additional measurements where the QX generator was replaced by two dummy resistors, one being a conductor and an 800 Ohm resistor.

The measurements with the conductor dummy shows that he assumption of QX being an ideal electrical conductor is really valid as there was no significant change of the measured current noticed when the QX was replaced. The detailed figures from the actual dummy measurements were also reported from Mats Lewan yesterday
late when I was already in bed.

Now let’s check on the expectations and hopes. Did Rossi fulfill his expectation on this day of demonstration,
A successful first ever demo of a LENR powered energy generator, the E-Cat QX?

According what he told Frank Acland (present on Skype) and myself in a private talk afterwards he was quite pleased and thought that in general the demo went according his expectations. The only real problem was he could not verify the plasma temperature during the spectrometry measurement. The details on why will be clear from the video.

He means that the now officially calculated result from the test, a COP of 506.66 should be enough to show the public what the E-Cat QX can offer. And as one of the lucky observers having the opportunity to follow the remarkable presentation yesterday at only arms distance I cannot do anything else than agree.

So the only conclusion I can make after only a few hours awake the day after is that Black Friday November 24 2017 became a day of success rather than failure for the E-Cat QX and than the clear majority of the audience (I could not find anyone disappointed) was convinced the claimed performance of QX seems valid.

Hopefully within a few hours the rest of the world will also be allowed to make their verdict from watching the presentation demo. [Note: since the time of ECWR’s reporting, the video showed up here]