Mats Lewan’s Updates on the Stockholm Demo

Mats Lewan, who organized Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat QX Demo in Stockholm on November 24, has been compiling his thoughts about the event in a post on his An Impossible Invention Blog here:

Reflections on the Nov 24 E-Cat QX demo in Stockholm

We have covered at length on this site what happened at the demo, but since the event took place, Mats has provided some updates to his post based on new information and insights. Here are a few key new points from Mats’ blog:

“At the demo . . . Rossi several times states that the dimensions of the plasma inside the E-Cat QX are ‘0.08 x 0.6 mm.’ (49:20, 1:33:20, 1:57:23). However, Rossi later recognized that he was mistaken about the unit that should be cm. In other words, Rossi’s claim is that the plasma inside the reactor has the form of a cylinder with the diameter 0.8 mm and the length 6 mm”

“The method for measuring electrical input power was more problematic. The total consumption of the control system could not be used, since the system, according to Rossi, was using active cooling to reduce overheating inside, due to a complex electrical design. [Update 4]: One hypothesis for the overheating issue is that the reactor produces an electrical feedback that will be dissipated inside the control system and has to be cooled”

“At the demo, as seen in the video recording, Rossi was adjusting something inside the control system just before making the dummy measurements. Obviously, someone could wonder if he was changing the system in order to obtain a desired measured value.

His own answer was that he was opening an air intake after two hours of operation since the active cooling was not operating when the system was turned off.

[Update 2]: Someone also saw Rossi touch a second switch close to the main switch used for turning on and off the system. Rossi explained that there were actually two main switches—one for the main circuit and one for the active cooling system—and that there were also other controls that he couldn’t explain in detail. [end update].”

I have now dismantled the pump and I found no hidden heaters or other modifications . . . I also cut through the plastic block on which the 1-ohm resistor, and later also the 800-ohm resistor, were mounted and found no hidden devices or energy sources inside [pictures on Mats’ site]

I think these comments help clear up a few questions, especially regarding the size of the plasma which has been quite a confusing point, and to confirm that he found no hidden heating elements that could have been used to fake the heating effect.

There will of course still be questions surrounding the demo. It is impossible for the results to be verified in a rigorous scientific way since details were withheld by Rossi, and everything was carried out under his control. But I think most people realized it would not be that kind of event. Rossi has stated it has been good enough for him to secure an important agreement, but only the awaited introduction of a commercial product will answer critical questions about the validity of Rossi’s claims.