‘Mining Diamonds with LION’ (New MFMP Video)

Here’s a new video from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

Video description:

“Overview of the LION reactor structure, fuel, treatment and experimental protocol, it’s extraordinary results in relation to other work in the field and what is planned for the early part of 2018 to verify and build
on the data gathered so far.”

The video discusses how the Francesco Celani had previously found that micro- and nano- diamonds had been found on wire he had used for LENR experiments. He then goes on to describe work done by LION with the LION reactor using a Looking for Heat experimental platform.

Bob Greenyer provides the following summary of the results of the experiment:

“Very strong evidence of Charge Cluster presence.

Witness tracks of strange radiation in reactor ceramics

Best strange radiation track observed to date

‘Two spots’ all over dental film

Liquification of core

Apparently near metamorphosis of copper wire to cuprous oxide

Cold Electricity – splat cooling of Cuprous Oxide and lighting of bulb”