Brilliant Light Power Update, Q1 2018

Thanks to Mats Lewan for posting this link to Brilliant Light Power’s Q1 2018 update:

A few points from the documents:

  • “We are working on cost projections and timelines to achieve prototypes of thermal and electrical SunCells® that demonstrate an obvious commercial viability.”
  • They include photos of a carbon domed SunCell® for PV conversion
  • They report a partner named Columbia Tech has been having problems with melting silver to operate the SunCell®, and they have decided to make a change by instead using gallium which has a lower melting point.
  • They are planning to develop a new all-ceramic SunCell® which the consider to have many advantages over the current carbon model.
  • Images of “Novel Hydrino Compounds” are included.
  • “One goal is to prove our power source to the world in the near term through power measurements, identification of the hydrino products of the reaction, and engineered power systems”

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