LION-AG Active Run Started (Alan Goldwater — Updated with Live Doc)

The following post has been posted by Alan Goldwater of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

LION-AG active run started at 23:50 UTC on 7 April. The streaming data is available at

Plotly update is pretty slow, so be patient and it will eventually show the moving graph of temps and power.

The fuel load and core construction is as close to the LION-provided description as possible, but with added thermocouples for measurement of the core temperature. Five calibrations were performed, showing good stability and power resolution of around 5 watts. The initial program is a 48-hour linear ramp from 100 C to 800 C, followed by a soak period or temperature cycling, depending on conditions at that time. Full details of the experimental setup will be made available shortly.


UPDATE: Here is the link to the Live DOC I have created where continue to update the relevant content as the experiment progresses: