NASA and Global Energy Corporation Agree to Develop “High Power Space Generator”

Thanks to Engineer48 for posting links found by Alan Smith to contract documents between NASA Glenn Research Center and a company called Global Energy Corporation (GEC) which outline agreements between the two parties “For Development and Testing of a High Power Space Generator”

The first link is an “Umbrella Agreement”:
The second is an “Annex”:

The project description from the first document: “The initial goal is to develop and run a self-sustaining 10 kW thermal, 2 kW electric, hybrid generator for planetary space missions and planetary surface power. Such generator technology would be scalable to 100 kW at the Plum Book Facility. Larger generator designs would be built and run at appropriate offsite location.”

There is little detail about the technology to be used, but the point of contact for GEC is Lawrence P. Forsley, formerly of US Navy SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, who is a long time researcher in the field or LENR and is the listed inventor of this patent for a “Hybrid Fast Fusion Fission Reactor”

The agreement was signed in January 2018 and the project milestones run through the end of 2020.