COP of 1 kW E-Cat QX Unit (“Greater than 6”)

In exchange between Steven Karels and Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics Rossi provides his statement about the overall COP of the industrial E-Cat QX module they are currently working to bring to production:

Steven N. Karels
April 29, 2018 at 9:27 PM

Dear Andrea Rossi,

1. Since, as I understand it, you now have an encapsulated 1kW thermal output module which you can connect in parallel to produce a 1 MW thermal output system. Is this correct?

2. I also understand that each 1kW unit has its own control system. Have you been able to estimate the average effective COP of a 1kW module?

3. I also understand that the grid pattern for a 1MW thermal output system would be four racks (or two racks with front and back insertions) with each rack containing 25 modules horizontally and 10 modules vertically (e.g. x, y). Is this correct? (Four surfaces with each surface supporting 250 modules).

4. At full output power, what will be the environment between the racks? Specifically, will humans be able to access the modules for replacement purposes without shutting down the entire system? If so, what temperature range would such maintenance personnel experience?

Andrea Rossi
April 29, 2018 at 10:27 PM
Steven N.Karels:
1- yes
2- > 6
3- the combinations can be modified
4- about 30- 35 C degrees
Warm Regards,

At the Stockholm demonstration last year, Andrea Rossi calculated a COP of around 600 when comparing his calculation of power going into a QX reactor and the power produced by that reactor, however that calculation did not include the power consumed by the control system; Rossi did not provide that information.

From what Rossi has said, currently his team are developing a 1 kW module which is comprised of 13 individual 80 W QX reactors as their first industrial product, but larger reactors are currently under test.

The important thing that customers will want to know with respect to the E-Cat is how much money will they be able to save if they adopt it as an energy source, and so the amount of power consumed by the E-Cat’s control system will be very important. Rossi’s statement here about an overall COP – which includes the power consumed by the control system – greater than 6 from a 1 kW module is at least a minimum starting point for us to think about.