Oil Refining Merger: Marathon Petroleum to Buy Andeavor

Bloomberg News is reporting today that Marathon Petroleum Corp has agreed to buy US refining company Andeavor in a $23.3 billion deal making Marathon the biggest independent refining company in the United States.


The main reason for bringing this up here is there is connection between Andeavor and Andrea Rossi. William S. Hurley, a senior engineer at Andeavor, was with Rossi at the Stockholm E-Cat QX demonstration. Alan Smith reported that when he asked Mr. Hurley what his interest was in the E-Cat, he replied it was because they used a lot of heat in the refining business.

We don’t know how closely associated Rossi is with Andeavor, but there is clearly at least some knowledge about the E-Cat at the company, and it would be interesting to know if there was any discussion of the potential of the E-Cat in the talks that led up to this purchase. We’ll probably never find out, but if the E-Cat does hit the market, we could well see the oil refining industry taking advantage of it as a means of cutting costs.