‘Androcles: The Hunt for Lovely Gammas is On’ (Russ George)

Russ George submitted the following post.

Rossi, it seems to me, has long been not revealing all. The reports of gamma radiation from his e-cats are to be found though Rossi has been coy about such emissions. His apparent use of lead shielding on his e-cats reveals there is a real trail to follow. Some few cold fusion researchers have repeatedly and reproducibly seen emissions so the trail of gammas (in this case) is real. In working recently to better understand how Rossi puts together and operates his reactors and indeed other ‘tube furnace type reactors’ I have surmised that a radiation signature would be a very useful diagnostic and control tool.

Building upon my decades of experience with cold fusion experiments in a variety of modalities I undertook to find what utility there might be on Rossi’s trail. As it happens my very first experiments with my own designed and prepared fuels and protocols have proven my assumptions were/are correct. Gamma signatures provide plenty of directly and immediately observable signal to initiate, control, and enhance the reaction rate of such ‘cats’ or as I have named my experimental reactors ‘Androcles’. This is not as cold a version of cold fusion as Fleischmann’s room temperature but much less than 1000 C + or stellar temperatures but quite unmistakably ‘cold fusion.’

Below is the very early, very RAW, but dramatic data that suggests the trail is hot and the hunt is on!



Given that the fuel amounts to the volume of a few grains of rice the magic ingredient being deuterium, well… it just works.

Thanks for making the lab bench space available to me as well as help and friendship go to Alan and Martin at “Looking for Heat.”

Here’s a link to my blog and more on the progress of Androcles. http://atom-ecology.russgeorge.net/2018/05/08/nothing-compares-to-being-at-the-lab-bench/