Ionizing Radiation from E-Cats beyond Background has ‘Never’ Been Detected

Here’s an interesting exchange on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today regarding the issue of whether the E-Cat produces ionizing radiation.

Prof July 4, 2018 at 7:30 PM
Dr Andrea Rossi

There is a buzz in the internet that your Ecat SK could have issues related to the radiations it could emit.
Are you worried of this issue? Could your presentaton of the industrialized Ecat SK be jeopardized by it?



Andrea Rossi July 4, 2018 at 9:20 PM
We constantly measure all the radiations emitted by the Ecat. The emissions have also been thoroughly measured by the specialized officers of the Healthcare Office of Florida, that has a team of specialized agents for this specific purpose, as well as from Physics Professors specialized in such measurement and NEVER has been measured an excess of ionizing radiations beyond the background. This also is an indirect confirmation of the theoretical intuition Gullstrom and I are studying upon ( Carl-Oscar Gullstrom, nuclear physic from the University of Uppsala- you can find his lecture on Youtube whose link is also in our website, or Google ” Youtube video Carl Oscar Gullstrom theoretical lecture of Ecat presentation Stockholm November 24 2017 ”

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In some of the public tests that have taken place over the years, there have been radiation measurements taken close to the E-Cats, and no radiation beyond background has been reported. This comment is the first time that I can recall Andrea Rossi stating that officers from the Healthcare Office of Florida have measured radiation from the E-Cat. It would be interesting to read a report from those tests.