Electric Universe Conference in UK to Feature SAFIRE Team Leader Childs

Thanks to Steve Taylor for posting the following about an upcoming presentation about the Electric Universe project. Many readers will recall that the SAFIRE (Stellar Atmospheric Function In Regulation Experiment) project is connected with the Electric Universe project. The SAFIRE team is carrying out experiments to test the ‘Electric Sun’ theory.

In a presentation made last year the SAFIRE team reported about an anomalous heat event that occurred inside their experimental reaction chambers in which a tungsten probe used to measure reaction temperatures was vaporized when the input power at the time was only 182 W.  The presentation can be seen on this video:

Steve Taylor posted this:

There is a presentation coming July 7 thru 11 in Somerset, UK. Montgomery Childs [SAFIRE team leader] will be one of the speakers. It is part of the Electric Universe Reconnect 2018 conference. I do hope they will tell what progress has been since August last year. Maybe this should be highlighted in a current post.

Details about the upcoming presentation can be found here: