Rossi: E-Cat SK-Powered Gas Turbine ‘Power Density is the Highest I ever Reached’

Andrea Rossi seems to be concentrating his efforts now on developing the 100 kW E-Cat SK reactor, which he reports he is combining with a gas turbine. Here’s a Q&A on the subject from the Journal of Nuclear Physics today:

Chuck Davis

Dr Rossi:
1- do you already have a gas turbine operating?
2- if yes, which dimensions vs power?
Chuck Davis

Andrea Rossi

Chuck Davis:
1- yes
2- the power density is the highest I ever reached. Premature to give numbers.
Warm Regards,

Rossi has said previously that the ratio in size of the 1 kW QX to the 100 kW SK is 1:10 which, if true, would make the power density of the SK 10 times that of the QX. There will of course be losses when combining the SK with a gas turbine, but even if the turbine was only 20 per cent efficient, it would be twice the power density of the QX.

Steven Karels asked Rossi about how they are dealing with the very high temperatures the E-Cat SK is reportedly producing:

Steven N. Karels
July 14, 2018 at 3:40 AM
Dear Andrea Rossi,

It is difficult for me to envision of 100kW eCat SK reactor that can sustain the temperatures you report without damaging or melting the containment structure. Is the containment structure transparent?

Andrea Rossi
July 14, 2018 at 5:04 AM
Steven N.Karels:
The gas turbine configuration resolves the problem. We are working on this issue for other configurations.
Warm Regards,

Still, Rossi has said that the SK is not ready for production, and apparently they will have to make a decision at some point whether it will be launched as an initial product. When I asked him whether the SK and QX both need to be ready before they can do a product launch he replied, “No. If the SK will not be ready, we will start with the QX anyway.”