Rossi on the Next Presentation: E-Cat Plant to be Shown Operating on Video

Andrea Rossi was asked on the Journal of Nuclear Physics whether the planned presentation of the Industrial E-Cat will feature operating E-Cats.

Rossi’s answer:

Andrea Rossi
July 25, 2018 at 3:01 AM
No, it is impossible to get the authorization to light up a reactor in a conference room. We will show a video of it in operation and, of course, will show the product, like a “sleeping beauty”.
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This seems to represent a change in plans for the presentation. At one point Rossi was suggesting that the presentation might take place at the factory of one of his customers, where the E-Cat would be in operation, but now it seems like it will be held at a conference center where it will not be possible to install an industrial system.

So this will mean that this won’t be the kind of demonstration that people who are skeptical about Rossi’s claims have been looking for, since there will be no chance for engineers or technicians in the audience to test the products on display. It sounds like this is to be a commercial event to introduce Leonardo’s business plan of selling heat to industrial customers.