Deneum Introduction Video Released

Today, Deneum has posted today an introductory video on its YouTube channel (thanks to Domenico Canino for posting the link):

Here are a couple of quotes from members of the Deneum team featured on the video

Sergey Tsvetkov, Technology

“The story began in 1989 in March when a conference between two chemists and physicists, Fleischmann and Pons was held. They said they obtained nuclear fusion as a result of electrolysis of palladium and heavy water. We’ve checked their development and have seen good results from deuterium and titanium. That is, excess heat in extremely large amounts. As a result we confirmed that these nuclear reactions occur at low temperatures. In principle they could be used to produce at first, thermal, and then electric energy.”

Sergey Godin, Research.

“I am responsible for correctness of measurement in this project. I have conducted experiments demonstrating that the installation is practical, environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful radiation. Some scientists say that this is impossible, or the implementation of such an installation is tough because it is impossible to overcome the coulomb barrier. It is true, but nature has many clever ways in which it does it. It is possible when we are faced with a phenomenon that is not yet been fully explored. And experimenters in this field are now ahead of the theorists, just like the Wright Brothers who already conducted commercial flights before the theory of wing-lift was written. We are also pioneers who are trying to create a commercial sample based on this phenomenon.”