More on the Partner and E-Cat Plans

Reading Andrea Rossi’s recent comments on the current situation with the turbines and the partner, I have been trying to sort out in my mind what is going on with Leonardo. So I just sent Rossi my current thinking on what is going on. Here are my assumptions and his responses.

Frank Acland
September 19, 2018 at 11:16 AM
Dear Andrea,

It has been interesting to read your comments lately regarding your plans for using a turbine with the E-Cat SK. I think I am beginning to understand the situation a little better, but I would like to see if I am thinking correctly.

Are the following assumptions of mine correct – please correct me if I am wrong.

1. You have developed the E-Cat SK to what you consider to be a point where it is stable enough to be used in a commercial industrial product.

2. Your business/industrial partner agrees with you about 1.

3. The E-Cat SK needs to be combined with a turbine in order to operate in a stable, effective manner.

4. You personally are not an expert in turbines, but your partner is, and has the resources to develop a turbine that will work with the SK.

5. Leonardo and the Partner will work together to build a plant utilizing these turbines.

6. This plant will be built at your Partner’s existing facility.

7. The first plant will be installed at your Partner’s facilities to provide heat and electricity for their own operations.

8. Your presentation in January will be to announce to the world that you have a technology ready for industrialization, and you are ready to start working with prospective customers and making contracts.

Many thanks, and best wishes for your work.

Frank Acland

Andrea Rossi
September 19, 2018 at 11:23 AM
Frank Acland:
1. yes
2. yes
3. not necessarily
4. yes
5. yes
6. yes
7. yes
8. probably
Warm Regards,

So from this, I have to now think that Rossi’s partner is an engineering company, expert in building turbines. Possibly it was the partner who have been pushing the turbine solution, since they can see the possibilities and benefits where Rossi himself may not have been able to. The partner will probably be thinking first and foremost of how the E-Cat can benefit themselves by providing cheap energy for their own uses. and they will probably have been able to work out a very advantageous deal for themselves, and in sales going forward.

Also, although the E-Cat SK may be ready to produce, the turbines may take some time for designing and testing before they are ready to be put into practical action, and to be sold on the market. Rossi says that the SK does not necessarily need to be coupled with a turbine so there may be other plant designs under development. There does seem to be a big workload ahead for this thing to start taking off. I’m still not sure what to expect for the January demonstration.