Report: Industrial Heat Valuation at $113 Million

Thanks to JB for providing a link to a report from the UK Proactive Investors website which is reporting a steep rise in valuation for Industrial Heat LLC, which is one company in the Woodford Patient Capital fund, an investment fund operated by UK-based Woodford Investment Management company.

According to the article, the valuation for Industrial Heat is now US$112.9 million.

The article is available here:

While no longer associated with Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation, Industrial Heat has been providing funding to other researchers working in the LENR field. As far as I know there is no published document available listing exactly who Industrial Heat is supporting in the LENR field.

Tom Darden, one of the directors of Industrial Heat, outlined his goals for Industrial Heat’s involvement in LENR at the ICCF-19 in Padua, Italy in April 2015. He said:

“We’re collaborating with and investing alongside fellow researchers and developers. Scientists compete to be the first, and they count on open sharing of what has been discovered to advance the process. They want to be able to be able to safely share their work in an environment where why they do what they do, truly matters, and where it aligns with what they value. They want to know that their work will be funded and their ideas will be merit tested, and advanced as merited, and they will be rewarded fairly. We’re privileged to be creating that kind of environment at Industrial Heat.”