First Look at Alexander Parkhomov Presentation: “Nickel-Hydrogen Reactor Continuously Worked Seven Months” (Excess Power up to 1 kW)

Bob Greenyer has posted some photos of Alexander Parkhomov’s presentation at the Sochi LENR conference showing some of Parkhomov’s slideshow which is mostly in Russian. Thanks Bob!

Here is the text of the last slide of the presentation which is actually in English:

Optimization of the design, application of more heat-resistant construction materials and reliable sealing allowed to achieve a 7-month duration of operation of the nickel-hydrogen of excess power up to 1 kW (COP up to 3.6)

1 g of Nickel provided the release of excess heat of about 4100 MJ, Such energy is released when 100 liters of oil products are burned.

During the processes occurring in nickel-hydrogen systems, changes in the elemental composition were found. The calcium content increased especially. Isotopic changes in nickel are insignificant.

Tremendous energy release with a low fuel mass and compactness of nickel-hydrogen reactors, combined with the absence of harmful chemical and radioactive waste and radiations opens up fundamentally new prospects for application in the energy sector, industry, transport and the utilities.

A few more details provided in note form by Bob:

Temperature was well over 1700 C
Not a solid/lattice
He just used pumped hydrogen,only feeding at around 1atm

Below is Bob’s video of Dr. Parkhomov giving his presentation: