Swedish Researchers Design Molecule that Can Store Solar Energy for 18 Years

The following post was forwarded to me from an E-Cat World reader from Sweden.

I found this interesting news in NyTeknik, Sweden. Maybe using Rossi’s light in E-cat?



Excerpt Translated by Google

A research group at Chalmers [University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden] has developed a specially designed molecule that can store solar energy for up to 18 years. Now, the next step is to develop the technology to a larger scale, hoping for an energy consumption without emissions.

“Molecular solar thermal energy storage” is a circular energy system that absorbs energy from sunlight using a solar collector consisting of a concave reflector with a tube in the middle. It acts like a satellite dish by focusing the sun’s rays to a point where liquid that chemically stores energy is led through a tube. The fluid is then transported to a warehouse where energy can be stored for up to 18 years. This is possible thanks to a specially designed molecule consisting of coal, hydrogen and nitrogen.

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When using the stored solar energy, a catalyst is used that allows the molecule to release the stored energy and, therefore, is heated. At the same time, the molecule returns to the molecular composition it had before it was exposed to sunshine.

A more technical description of this process is in this paper published by Chalmers.