E-Cat Calculator for Presentation (Gerard McEk)

I received the following spreadsheet from Gerard McEk with this explanation:

“I thought it would be good if you would verify the SK output power on the 31st of January 2019.

“I made a little spreadsheet to calculate this.

“You put in the output power (20,000 W) and a delta temperature (difference between in- and output temperature in C or K) and the period in which you collect water, and this spreadsheet calculates the amount of water that should be collected (in litres or kg, doesn’t matter).”


I told Gerard that I would be very happy to use this calculator, providing that the information is made available at the presentation. At this point we don’t know exactly what information will be provided at the January presentation. Andrea Rossi has made a few comments on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, such as saying that the temperature of the water before and after passing through the heat exchanger will be shown, and also that data related to the current going into the controller will be presented.

But I think it’s a good idea to be prepared, so I will be happy to report on anything that is available and enter it into the spreadsheet. People viewing the presentation online will probably be able to see much of the data also.

Gerard has said he would be happy to alter this sheet based on suggestions too.