LENR Reactor Design Concept “QX Replication”

The following comment has been submitted by ‘The Director’.

Gerold.S, a visitor to E-Cat World and a user on LENR Forums, has provided a preliminary 2D drawing of the E-Cat QX. The purpose of this drawing is to provide the information needed for a detailed 3D model that could assist potential replicators. It’s requested that E-Cat World visitors compare the drawing to the image of the QX in the paper written by Rossi and Gullstrom and provide comments on how the drawing can be made more accurate. A wide assortment of issues need to be addressed such as the size, shape, and scale of components, the probable materials utilized, and so forth. Although discussion on other issues are more than welcome (such as the production of emitter tips, the coating of the nickel with platinum, the most optimal power supplies, methods of staying within the abnormal glow discharge regime, etc) the focus should be on making the drawing match the photograph as closely as possible.

All assistance and advice would be appreciated.

LENR_QX_replication_concept_v1 (1)