Synthestech Claims Creation of Titanium Isotope Ratio Not Found in Nature via ‘Cold Nuclear Transmutation’

Thanks to Jas for providing the following link:

The Russian group Synthestech has analyzed samples of materials which have undergone their ‘Cold Nuclear Transmutation’ processes, and they report results which they say shows changes in the isotopic ratio of individual elements.

They write:

“… Under some processes that we use to carry out Cold Transmutation, we change isotopic ratio of individual elements.

“This concerns, for example, Titan (Ti) — the natural ratio of its isotopes is as follows: 46Ti (8,25 %), 47Ti (7,44 %), 48Ti (73,72 %), 49Ti (5,41 %), 50Ti (5,18 %).

“In our samples, which mass spectrometry analysis card is applied, the ratio differs significantly from the natural one — 46Ti (3,89%), 47Ti (7,29%), 48Ti (76,75%), 49Ti (5,71%), 50Ti (5,75%). As it is evident, the 46Ti isotope is 2 (!!) times less in our sample than the natural one.”

“Such Titan (Ti) is not available in nature, it is impossible to buy or somehow obtain it.”