Rossi Targeted in Forbes Article about Science not being Fake News

This is an indication of what Andrea Rossi may be up against as he prepares for his product launch. The old labels are still being used about him and the E-Cat, and it could be a challenge for him to overcome them.

The article is by Astrophysicist Ethan Siegel, published in Forbes, the title of the article is ‘Science is Not Fake News’. Siegel makes the case that non-scientists should trust scientists’ conclusions because they are trained experts working in the scientific discipline using the rigorous methods of scientific research, and non-scientists don’t have the knowledge or expertise to have a valid contrary opinion on scientific topics.

He does acknowledge that scientists can be in error, stating:

“Most frequently, the consensus position turns out to be correct, and holds up to scrutiny. Most often, contrarians toil in obscurity, and justifiably so, as their ideas are unable to account for the full suite of what’s been observed. We might remember the revolutionary ideas and the times when scientists got it wrong, but those are the exceptions, not the norms. And whenever that comes to pass, the scientific consensus is usually quick to shift.”

As far as Rossi and the E-Cat are concerrned, One of the images shown in the article is of Andrea Rossi showing the E-Cat to Swedish professors Essen and Kullander, with the caption:

“There are, no doubt, charlatans and frauds who would exploit the ignorance and gullibility of others for their own gain, such as convicted fraud Andrea Rossi, shown with his highly-suspect device: the e-Cat.”

I think Siegel’s article overall is quite typical when it comes to the profession of science, and generally speaking, I think most people defer to the wisdom of the scientific establishment when it comes to subjects in which they have little or no training. This is why I think if Andrea Rossi is making a push for public attention, he needs to anticipate that there will be headwinds to face from scientists who are unwilling as yet to consider that the E-Cat could be a valid invention, as this example shows.