Coca-Cola and the E-Cat

Andrea Rossi has made the following comment in response to a question about whether he thought the presentation on January 31st will satisfy those skeptical of the E-Cat.

Andrea Rossi
December 1, 2018 at 11:21 AM
Giuseppina Soden:
No, it will not. To avoid disappointments, I want one more time explain what is a commercial presentation: we are not presenting to the scientific community a theory or a prototype to be tested and validated, corroborated by full scientific information. We are presenting a product to sell a service to our actual and potential clients. We have to show that our product make profits.
Our position is very similar to a model that is taken from a completely different world, but helps to understand: observe the Coca Cola policy: they never gave any hint about their industrial secret. I visited the Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta where they conserve in a well guarded safe the secret part of their IP. They advertise Coca Cola not as a food scientifically proven as good, they sell and advertise ( with extremely sophysticated means ) the Coca Cola product as a good drink that gives a good taste to their Customers at a price accessible to everybody. This is exactly what we are going to do: give the taste of the profits that will be generated by the use of the Ecat. This will disappoint them who will look for scientific information, but our target of the presentation are the Clients. By the way, they will not be going to buy the Ecat, but just to buy the heat she will generate. We will offer the image of the Ecat SK in operation, will show how much energy we are consuming, it will be, I think, very interesting, but, I promise, disappointing for anybody that looks for information to compete.
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Coke’s trade secret is often cited as being somewhat analogous to Rossi’s attitude towards his IP. Rossi’s plan is to sell a good energy source that satisfies the customer’s need for energy at a price accessible to them, and to do this he doesn’t need to provide customers with hidden ingredients that are producing the heat. However the analogy is not perfect, because anyone can buy a bottle of Coca-Cola and spend time and money to analyze the makeup of the drink using sophisticated equipment to try and discover the secrets of its makeup, and make a product like Pepsi, which may not be a perfect replication of Coke, but close enough for someone like me. (I can’t tell the difference between the two). Rossi is doing all he can to try and prevent any such analysis from taking place by putting physical and digital barriers in place.