New BLP Video of a Glowing SunCell

Thanks to tlp for sharing about a new video that has been posted by Brilliant Light Power which shows an operating SunCell which is glowing red in certain places. The video is only 12 seconds long, with out any commentary, except a short exclamation by the operator at the end when he focuses on one of the ‘hot spots’

BLP’s description from the YouTube video is this:

The SunCell® hydrino reactant gas mixture comprises hydrogen fuel added to fixed argon and trace gallium oxide inventories wherein the oxide serves as a source of O for HOH catalyst. The mixture and gas delivery are being optimized to create enough power to run cars and trucks in a compact light-weight reactor. Concentrator photovoltaic electric conversion systems and submersion of the SunCell® in a water bath are in progress to produce electricity and thermal power, respectively.