Brillouin Update from Next Big Future

Thanks to georgehants for posting the the following link from Next Big Future regarding Brillouin Energy:

The article is written by Brian Wang who has interviewed Brillion and reports that Brillouin is now consistently able to produce between 50 and 100 Watts of power with a COP of 2 (i.e. twice as much power output than is input).

He writes:

Brillouin believes that after a short period, where experiments are 30X faster that they will be
able to make a lot more progress on heat and wattages.

They believe that by reaching high levels of COP and wattages that they can get OEM’s to license the technology and take products to market in volumes that would take Brillouin Energy years to build. The OEM’s would get UL certification and just sell it as a heater under there brand name with a sticker with something to the effect of powered by Brillouin Energy in side. The COP greater than 1 would be a selling point and that capability would be used to lower the operating costs of the product.

A product producing 1500 watts of heat that uses 300 watts of electricity would successfully compete with Dyson heaters.

The system does not produce radiation. The claim is any reactions are happening in the solid materials or in the thin film layers.

Although the foundational science of what they are doing is highly controversial, the initial end
result cannot be explained with chemistry.

Brillouin Energy has also recently updated its website here:, where they describe their process as Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR).