Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All ECW Readers

Another Christmas season has rolled around (the eighth since this site began), and I hope that it is a happy and peaceful one for all our readers! For me and my family, it’s a special time, where we can have some extra time to be together. I hope you can all have

Thanks to all ECW readers for making it a pleasure to keep this website going. The enduring and enticing story of LENR continues, and we will continue to follow where it leads. Of course right many of us anticipating the upcoming E-Cat Presentation in a few weeks, and there are a number of other efforts underway. People are working hard to figure out what this ‘new firel’ actually is and how it can be put to use.

I do think that sooner or later, LENR will break out and eventually be widely used. Exactly how or when this will take place, I am not sure. I’m sure that there will be obstacles to overcome, with resistance from various quarters, but I think eventually it will start to be adopted because of its many benefits, and once it gets a foothold, it will start to spread and flourish.