Early (Unauthorized) E-Cat Test Report

Thanks to Camillo Urbani for making this post, clarifying a comment by Italo Romano on this thread.

My name is Camillo Urbani (degree in physics, Padova 1972) my site didatticacomputer.it

For a misunderstanding Italo Romano believed he understood that it was Focardi who organized the experiment. It was not Focardi but another former Rossi collaborator.

If requested, I am gratefully going to check the various apparatuses that are supposed to produce COP greater than one In many years I have only seen errors in measurement except in one case with Rossi’s e-cat. I was called upon to check out an old-fashioned E-Cat apparatus which, unbeknownst to Rossi, had come into possession of interested people.

I can not name names. What I can tell you, is that in a test after triggering the reaction (with systems of pulses recurring and I did not understand why), triggered the reaction disconnected the power (900 Watts of power) INCREDIBLY for at least 15 minutes came out steam DRY at 110 degrees so transparent that I almost burned myself believing that nothing came out, it was so transparent.

Now I do not know your calorimetry notions but for those who understand the amount of heat that evaporation removes is about 2200 joules per gram; this implies that without power the very few seconds the temperature collapses. (Think of the speed with which you cool by blowing on a glass of warm liquid). So for me the phenomenon exists . Do you think that a colleague like FOCARDI would be fooled? The point was repeatability!