Rossi: Customer to Pay E-Cat Electricity Bills

There was a time when Andrea Rossi was saying that Leonardo Corporation would be paying the electricity bills for customers who use the E-Cat, but that seems to have changed now. In the following comment on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, he indicates that is not possible because power companies won’t sell electricity to a customer that doesn’t rent or own a premises:

Andrea Rossi
January 13, 2019 at 2:35 PM
We will draw the electricity needed from the Ecats from the outlet of the Clients, since we cannot make contracts with the providers to sell us electricity in a place that is not ours or rented by us.
Our billing system will be very simple and clear: we and the Customer will put a wattmeter along the line that supplies electric energy to the control system, to read the Wh per month consumed by the whole Ecat System ( control panels plus Ecats ), so that we will have the worth of the electricity consumed by the Ecats; the bill will compute the price of the thermal Wh generated by the Ecats and the price of the electric Wh consumed by the same Ecats: the Customer will obviously pay the difference between the price of the thermal energy generated by the Ecats and the price of the electric energy consumed from the same Ecats.
Note: we will bill also the thermal energy recovered from the cooling system of the control panel: such energy is recovered with a COP close to 1.
Warm Regards,

If I understand Rossi correctly here, it seems that the customer would pay the electricity bill as normal, but have the cost of electricity consumed by the E-Cats deducted from the final bill from Leonardo, and would be paying an agreed-upon price for the energy delivered by the E-Cats. If this is actually the case it will be easy for the customers to see overall the COP for E-Cat systems (they will know how much energy is consumed, and how much they use), and have a good idea about Leonardo’s profit margins.

Of course we don’t have any identified customers yet to report on their experience with the E-Cat, and from what Rossi has stated I don’t expect we will be given that information at the event on January 31st. Gerard McEk asked this in a question on the JONP yesterday: “Have you already found a customer willing to openly publish the performance of the E-Cat SK during the first year?” Rossi’s response was, “not yet, but in time this is expected to be possible”.