Natural Plasma Balls and LENR — Hesseldan Norway Phenomena Examined (Bob Greenyer)

Bob Greenyer has made a series of videos regarding ‘fire ball’ phenomena that have been observed in the Hesseldalen valley in central Norway. Starting in 198 residents of this valley observed many unusual lights in the area, some of which were filmed and photographed and have been documented on this website:

Bob’s videos explore this phenomenon and examine the possible link between ‘natural plasma balls’ and LENR. He examines research from an Italian research team which studied the area in 2002. Researchers took powder samples from the vicinity of where local witnesses had seen fireballs, who found radiation readings many times above background.

His videos are here:

He has also a written a blog post on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Steemit account here:

Here is Bob’s conclusion from that post:

Apparently natural atmospheric plasmatic ball observations yield data that is in line with multiple low energy nuclear reaction systems observed by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, suggesting that there is a link between the two.

The possible relationship of mineral deposits local to daytime, non lightning related fire ball phenomena should be investigated. Ball lightning observations not due to lightning may become a method of discovering mineral deposits.

An attempt to see if there is any correlation between the observation rate and solar, magnetosphere or cosmic phenomena should be considered.