Norway’s Aftenposten Newspaper Covers E-Cat Event, Rossi projects E-Cat Steam to Cost 50 Percent Less than Other Sources

The Norwegian daily newspaper Aftenposten has published an article written by Per Kristian Bjørkeng titled, (English translation) “Claim to have revolutionary energy for sale”. A Google translation of the article can be read here.

The article provides the common overview of LENR/Cold Fusion, saying it is controversial, and is considered impossible by most scientists, but there are some quotes from some observers who are quite positive about the future of LENR.

Nils Holme, former director of the Norwegian Defense Research Institute, is quoted as saying:

“After seeing the demonstration, I think that what we have seen in truth is revolutionary. I feel quite certain that this is the start of a development that will leave deep traces in energy economy and environmental work. But I will be careful not to predict an exact time horizon for when the changes come. Such breakthroughs usually take much longer than those who first promote the technology have thought.”

Per Espen Stoknes, Associate Professor at the Norwegian Business School (BI) states that there is still a lack of evidence that it works, “but if what is now claimed is correct, it increases the chances that we can approach the so-called 1.5-degree goal for global warming.”

Aftenposten contacted Andrea Rossi following the presentation who told them that he expected the price of steam produced by the E-Cat to be 50 percent lower than all known sources — which is a lot lower than the 20 percent reduction in energy costs that he has mentioned recently in public comments.

Outside of this Aftenposten article, however, there has been little coverage of the event from mainstream media outlets. I think there will continue to be general skepticism about the E-Cat until there is more solid proof available about Rossi’s claims. Rossi himself does not seem to be in a hurry to provide further evidence at this point. He has written on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that he is “more than satisfied” with the response from potential customers. I am sure that he will dealing with them quietly and confidentially, because as he stated in the Q&A session last week, many parties who becomes publicly associated with him have received negative attention from his detractors.