Video: E-Cat SK COP Calculations

Thanks to Roland for the following comment about a new video posted on the site:

The COP calculations are presented in typographic form with a decent voice over narrative. Two aspects of the calculation are glossed over in this version, both of which are strikingly positive.

We are informed that the plasma core measures 1.1cm long and 0.3cm in diameter for a total volume of 0.078cc.

The COP calculation based on based on the energy actually delivered to the reactor has been edited since this was first uploaded, in the first version it was shown as:

COP = (output power) 21,942W / (input power) 0.0008W = SSM (Self Sustain Mode). In the current version this tidbit is delivered by the narrator sans graphic representation.

The actual COP calculation is: 21,942W / 0.0008W = 27,427,500

There is no self sustain mode as the moment that the 0.0008W input signal stops the reaction stops as well, the real COP is shockingly high and reveals just how ‘dialed in’ the SK is; a 0.0008W signal instantly unleashes over 27 million times as much power.

The conservative COP calculation is based on the full draw of the power supply: COP = 21,942W / 380W = 57. In so far as we have been previously informed that a single power supply will simultaneously control 50 SKs this configuration would have a COP of: 21,942 x 50 / 380 = COP 2887. Even this remarkable number is probably conservative as there have been indications that the SK is capable higher output in that during the test run the core plasma temperature was calculated at 8,111 Kelvin whereas plasma temperatures of 20,000K were reported during experimental trials of the SK, the implication being that the tested SK is running well below its all out potential; presumably this is in the interests of longevity as its stated life expectancy is 20 years at the tested output.