Request for ECW Readers About LENR Papers

The following request has been submitted by David H. Bailey

I operate a blog, and two or three times in the past we have reported on the E-Cat and other LENR projects. My co-author of previous blogs (Borwein) has now passed away, but I am still operating the blog, now called

I have thought about writing an update on LENR, and still might, but one obstacle always gives me pause: In writing for a scientific audience, say for some of my mathematics, mathematical physics or computational science colleagues, they would expect to see peer-reviewed papers and reports. Without a list or synopsis of such papers, given the overall skepticism surrounding the field, it would be hard for me to say something that would be taken seriously by the blog audience.

I think there are such papers, but I don’t know where to find such a list. In his blog post of 16 Jan 2019, Mats Lewan mentioned this listing: it is dated 2009 and thus is now ten years out of date. Besides, it focuses on the “classical” Pons-Fleischmann experiments, whereas the work of Rossi is a rather different sort of experiment, and it is not at all clear that those earlier papers are relevant. Besides, the classical Pons-Fleischmann experiments don’t have a lot of credibility, to say the least, among scientists (unfairly, in my view, but…).

The Lugano report, which is what got my attention to the field initially, was very interesting, but is now five years old, and, even more importantly, was never published in a peer-reviewed forum, so could not be included in such a list. Parkhomov appears to have done some interesting work, but, again, as far as I am aware the available items on his work are mostly viewgraph presentations and technical reports, not full-fledged, peer-reviewed journal publications. Also, from time to time, new journal / conference papers relating to LENR have been mentioned on your site, but, frankly most of these, from what I have seen, are either theoretical explorations or are only speculatively connected to Rossi-class LENR.

Mind you, I still think Rossi has something, and so do several other projects, notably Brillouin and Brilliant Light Power.

But I really need to cite a list, say, of the top 10 or 20 high-quality, peer-reviewed papers on the topic — experimental (not just theoretical) results published in reasonably prestigious, peer-reviewed journals or conference proceedings. Without such a list, it is hard for me to say anything about LENR developments that would be taken seriously.

Do you think one of your readers might be interested in assembling such a listing? Perhaps with input from others? That would be a very useful project, in my view, if someone would be so kind as to undertake it.