Rossi: ‘Momentous Events’ Have Taken Place Following E-Cat Presentation

I have been curious to find out more about the impact of Leonardo Corporation’s presentation in terms of customer interest, so I asked a few questions about it on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Frank Acland
February 18, 2019 at 5:27 PM
Dear Andrea,

Since the event on Jan 31st, can you say which of the following you have done?

a) Responded to inquiries from potential customers.
b) Made agreements with new customers.
c) Built E-Cat SK plants for new customers.
d) Delivered new E-Cat SK plants to new customers.
e) Monitored E-Cat SK installations remotely.

Andrea Rossi’s reply:

Andrea Rossi
February 18, 2019 at 6:43 PM
Frank Acland:
a) yes
b) on course
c) on course
d) on course
e) yes
After these 18 days from the presentation of January 31st I can say that momentous events happened that are strongly reinforcing our situation. This allows me to confirm that the presentation of has been very successful and that our target has been fully reached in perfect equilibrium with our possibilities.
Thanks also to the magnificent work made by you and Thomas Florek. Before the presentation , if you remember, I told you both ” Acland at the piano, Florek at the guitar and concertina, Rossi at the drums: if the Ecat doesn’t work, we have a plan B”: it appears the plan B will not be necessary.
Warm Regards,

By ‘on course’ I think Rossi means that these things are in process, but not yet completed. As he mentions that momentous events have happened, he does seem to be very satisfied with how things have gone so far. Plan B might have been fun, but I doubt it would have been very momentous. We will have to watch and see if any evidence for plan A materializes.