New Infinity SAV Video

Thanks to Calle H for pointing out that a new promotional video has been published by the Infinity SAV company, who claim to have a working generator that is powered by permanent magnets, that provides footage from the five hour test they did on a small South Korean island.

They state on their Facebook page that they will soon upload the full unedited five hour test video.

They also provide this disclaimer in the YouTube description:

At 2:41 the heater was switched off as the electronics seemed to be overheating due to lack of air ventilation, detailed explanation will be provided in the unedited version.
At 2:58 camera fell due to a gust of wind. In the unedited version, it will visible that the recording did not stop.

Another comment from the YouTube comments mentions an upcoming presentation:

Also, the first production model of INFINITY MG10™ is going to be presented very soon, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for latest updates.