Nano-Engineered Materials for LENR (Patent Application)

Thanks to Greg Goble for pointing out the following new LENR patent filed by Klee Irwin published on February 28, 2019.

Nano-Engineered Materials for LENR

2018-08-29 * Application filed by Klee M. Irwin
2019-02-28 * Publication of US20190066852A1
2019-03-06 * Application status is Pending


Nanoengineered materials are disclosed for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRs). The nanoengineered materials include quasicrystals and quasicrystal approximants. The energy landscape of these materials is designed to increase a tunneling probability of atoms that participate in a fusion reaction. The nanoengineered materials are designed to have arrangements of atoms in which there are active sites in the material for LENR. The active sites may include networks of double wells designed into the material. In some examples, the design also limits the degrees of freedom for atoms in ways that increase a tunneling probability for tunneling of atoms into sites where fusion occurs.

Claim 1

What is claimed is:

1. An apparatus for generating power via low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), comprising:
a quasicrystal or quasicrystalline approximant material designed to have an arrangement of atoms, associated with a structure of the quasicrystal or quasicrystalline approximant material, forming active sites for LENR to occur when the material is loaded with a hydrogen isotope.