Article: “LENR energy: Science or pseudoscience?” (David Bailey)

Thanks to Mats Lewan for pointing out a new article written on the Math Scholar website by David H. Bailey, titled “LENR energy: Science or pseudoscience?”.

Link is here:
It’s well researched, and provides may excellent references to papers in an appendix citing thirty-nine scientific articles from the LENR field and I think should prove to be a valuable resource for people looking into the scientific evidence for LENR.

In his conclusion, David Bailey writes:

However this turns out, the present author only wishes to add the following: If the LENR researchers truly have something, they have a moral obligation to the world society to come public with their methods and make this technology available worldwide as soon as possible. The author obviously recognizes the need for reasonable privacy of intellectual property, but as Huw Price has noted, missing a desperately needed new energy source could be catastrophic.

So is LENR a revolutionary new form of energy, or merely a new chapter in the long and sordid annals of pseudoscience? Read some of the papers below and decide for yourself. One way or the other, the next few months will be very interesting. Hold on to your hats!