Infinity SAV Taking Pre-orders for ‘Magnetic Generators and Centrifugal Boiler’

Thanks to Maya Todorova for pointing out the following link.

The Korean company Infinity SAV is now accepting pre-orders for their magnetic generators and a ‘centrifugal boiler’

10 kW Magnetic generator – 15000 USD
5 kW Magnetic generator – 8000 USD
Centrifugal boiler – 5000 USD

The company has this explanation regarding pre-orders:

“We are glad to announce that we opened our product for preordering.

“Preordering will not guarantee receiving the product faster, but will predict future demand of our product in a certain area and once distributor in that area is assigned, they will have Exclusive Rights to distribute our products there. So the higher the demand, the faster we will assign a distributor in the area.

“The total number of preorders as well as number of preorders per country will be open for public in our website and will be updated every day. Once a distributor is assigned, we will hand over the list of preorders in their area to them, so they can contact each person and confirm the preorder.”

They provide a list of the total number of pre-orders received to date, so far the number listed is 677, from various regions of the world.