Brilliant Light Power Report Propriety Magnetohydrodynamic Power Cycle, Claim Power Density Comparable to High-Speed Diesel Engines

Thanks to Jas for posting about the following:

Brilliant Light Power posted news on their website:

“We report a proprietary liquid magnetohydrodynamic cycle, the simplest application of Lorentz’s law to a moving conductor with crossed electrodes and a magnetic field with no moving parts, having a potential of MHD power conversion efficiency that approaches the loading factor W (ratio of the electric field across the load to the open circuit electric field) . . . The channel volume is 20.4 cm3 so the corresponding MHD power density is about 23.1 kW/cm3 (23.1 MW/liter) which compares very favorably with typical power densities in the range of only about 30 kW/liter for state-of-the-art high-speed heavy-duty diesel engines.”

There is also a link to a paper posted:

“Oxygen and Silver Nanoparticle Aerosol MagnetohydrodynamicPower Cycle”