IEC’s ‘Crystal’ Earth Engine to be Shown in 24/7 Livestream Starting This Week (Update: Workers are Updating Crystal)

Inductance Energy Corporation is announcing that this week (Tuesday May 15th, if their countdown clock is accurate), they will be showing a livestream of their magnetic motor Earth Engine at this website:

Here is what they state on this website:

The World’s First Magnetic Propulsion Engine was developed by Inductance Energy Corporation and will be streaming LIVE 24/7!

“Crystal is a fully transparent laboratory scale model of the Inductance Energy Earth Engine. The Earth Engine utilizes the ‘push’ created between two opposing permanent magnets to drive large flywheels to create mechanical power. Crystal is designed solely as a demonstration Engine to demonstrate the attenuation of two opposing magnetic fields ‘pushing’ a heavy flywheel to create power to drive a generator. Crystal’s flywheel weighs in at 622 pounds (270kg) and is limited to 100 RPMs or less due to the strength of it’s acrylic main shaft. In comparison, commercial Earth Engine models can run at several hundred RPMs.”

If IEC’s claims are real, and this is really is a motor driven by magnetic propulsion using repulsion as a fuel source, it would be remarkable achievement, as most physicists claim it is impossible to get work out of such permanent magnetic interactions. So this is going to be an interesting livestream to follow.

UPDATE: (May 17, 2019) The livestream shows that the Earth Engine ‘Crystal’ is getting some kind of update. Technicians are doing some kind of work at the moment 17:00 US Central time.