Translating Dr. Alexander Parkhomov’s Space. Earth. Human. into English (Bob Greenyer Kickstarter)

Bob Greenyer has launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to translate Dr. Alexander Parkhomov’s book “Space. Earth. Human.” into English (it was originally published in Russian)

The Kickstarter page for this project is here:

From the page:

Explores the roots of strange phenomena
Over more than 100 years, starting with Tesla around the time of the discovery of x-rays and the electron, strange unexplained phenomena have been observed by researchers the world over, from enthusiasts to Nobel prize winners.

Dr. Alexander Parkhomov on his discovery
“In 1988, when working with three-dimensional diffraction gratings and detectors, which made it possible to obtain a spatial effect distribution and accumulate information for long periods, I discovered radiation which had a micron-millimeter wavelength and had a very high penetrating power.

It was clear this radiation was not light, radio waves or ultrasound, however, like these radiation types, the wavelength is much longer than the distances between atoms in a substance, i.e. interaction occurs immediately with a huge number of atoms. Substance, for such radiation, is a continuous medium, in which it refracts and from which it surface reflects.

If there are irregularities on the surface smaller than the wavelength, mirror reflection occurs. A concave mirror allows concentration and focussing of the radiation. Even if the reflection coefficient is very small, by using a mirror with a large surface, you can get a large increase in the intensity of the radiation. To understand how this works, consider a plate of clear glass, even though it is transparent, light still reflects from it well.

All this and more is described in detail in parts 2 and 3 of my book.

The first experiments with focusing mirrors were made in 1992.”

Bob has a video on the Kickstarter page which explains the scope of the translation project and gives information about the rewards that are available to people who support this project. He has noted that after only one day, 39% of the funds have been raised.