New MFMP Video — Vaporizing Tungsten at 220 C With ‘OHMASA Gas’

A new video has been published by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project in which Bob Greenyer and George Egeley show testing done in Japan with ‘OHMASA Gas’ which has been developed by Japanese inventor Mr. Ryushin Omasa.

At one point in this video passes a flame produced with this gas vaporizes a tungsten rod at a temperature of  around 220 C which is well below its melting point of 3422 C.

See the video below at about the 17 minute mark.

Bob has said that the MFMP has an agreement with Mr Omasa to receive their own device with which they can do further testing. Some have commented that this is HHO gas, but Bob believes that it is “EVO/Strange Radiation encapsulated matter”

In the Project OHMA Live Document , on day 5, Bob writes:

This is Titanium plate that has been exposed to Ohmasa gas for a few seconds – glowing incandescently but unable to melt Teflon. However, after being forced down on the teflon, there is an explosion which removes a large mass from the Titanium – blobs of titanium flying through the air continue activity