Mizuno Assisting With Multiple Replication Efforts (Cold Fusion Now)

An article on the Cold Fusion Now websites reports about activity taking place to attempt to replicate the LENR reactor reported in the recent Mizuno/Rothwell paper Increased Excess Heat from Palladium Deposited on Nickel.

The CFN article is titled “Cold Fusion Reactor Heats Room in Sapporo” https://coldfusionnow.org/cold-fusion-reactor-heats-room-in-sapporo/

According to the article, Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen, a researcher and PhD candidate, who had worked with Lief Holmlid and Sveinn Ólafsson was given a reactor by Tadahiko Mizuno, and is preparing to test it. (This is not, however, a reactor using the nickel mesh that was described in the most recent paper.) Long-time researcher Dennis Cravens is also preparing his own replication.

Mizuno also tells Cold Fusion Now that he has rented or sold twelve reactors to labs overseas.

He states:

“I rented and sold 12 CF furnaces to Japan and overseas. They are collecting data and having a lot of data, I am going to announce the data.”

“I have named these reactors as HIKOBOSHI. This means the star Altair. I also like that I feel the meaning in Japanese, which is to “flood the lights”. Hiko is also the last kanji notation of my name.”