New Video: Deneum Prepares for Mizuno Replication Experiment

Thanks to Artefact for posting a video made by the Estonian LENR company Deneum who are in the process of getting ready to try to replicate the Mizuno R20 experiment following instructions and protocols provided in the recent Mizuno/Rothwell paper.

We can see from this video that they are being very thorough in trying to follow with exactness the steps spelled out in the Mizuno paper, even purchasing the same Japanese detergent brand that Mizuno used.

They say there will be more videos to come:

The next video(s) will feature the main experiment, no matter the positive result (excess heat) is achieved or not.

It’s great to see the interest in the Mizuno paper, it’s exactly what I have hoped would happen. If we start seeing positive results I think interest will only increase and replication efforts multiply.