Parkhomov Paper: “LENR as a Manifestation of Weak Interactions”

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for bringing attention to a new paper published by Alexander Parkhomov in the Journal of Unconventional Science titled “LENR as a Manifestation of Weak Interactions”.

The article is in Russian here:

Bob has published a rough English translation here:

Here is the English translated abstract:

The small neutrino (antineutrino) mass makes it possible to generate them intensively as a result of collisions of particles of matter during thermal motion. The resulting neutrinos (antineutrinos) have an energy of about 0.1 eV. With such an energy, the De Broglie wavelength is about 5 microns. This means that a huge number of atoms are involved in nuclear weak interactions, which makes the effects of nuclear transformations involving neutrinos (anti-neutrinoes) really observable. Considering the thermal generation of neutrinos as the basis for nuclear transformations in the LENR process allows us to explain a number of features of this phenomenon.

Bob has also published a video discussing the paper here: