Mizuno Responds to Questions

A few days ago a reader contacted me and asked if I might be able to contact Tadihiko Mizuno and ask him some questions. He responded to me, and I am posting the questions and responses below.

1) Can you describe the differences between the R20 reactor and the HIKOBOSHI reactor?
2) Did you send prepared palladium coated nickel sheets with the HIKOBOSHI reactors you sold?
3) Would you agree that the palladium is acting as a reverse spillover catalyst by breaking apart molecular deuterium (D2) into atomic deuterium (individual deuterium atoms) which increases the absorption rate into the nickel?
4) As deuterium is being loaded into the nickel and moving through the nickel lattice, do you think fracto-emission of electrons is taken place as the crystal lattice is damaged?
5) The internal heating element only extends partially through the reactor. This means the nickel mesh is not equally exposed to the magnetic field produced by the heating element. Since magnetic fields are considered to potentially stimulate cold fusion reactions, do you think this could be reducing the possible output of the device?
6) If you had give a very rough estimate, what percentage of the nickel mesh do you believe is covered with a layer of palladium?
7) How well do you think the R20 and/or HIKOBOSHI reactors would work utilizing ordinary hydrogen rather than deuterium?
8) If you cut off the input power, does the R20 and/or HIKOBOSHI reactors exhibit any trace of “Heat After Death” or a self-sustaining reaction?

1: Basically the same. The only difference is the amount of sample.
2: Samples can be distributed.
3: I think so. I also have analytical data.
4: I think that electron emission probably occurring.
5: Not tested for magnetic fields. Therefore, the effect on the reaction of the magnetic field is unknown.
6: I can estimate roughly up to 10%.
7: Since 100% hydrogen gas is not commercially available, the effect of deuterium cannot be excluded. However, excess heat was confirmed even with ordinary H2.
8: I have not confirmed the heat yet with confidence.