Mizuno Replication Announced

Jed Rothwell has made the following announcement on the Vortex-l mailing list.

I am pleased to report a replication of Mizuno’s experiment by H. Zhang:


Excess heat started at ~4 W and has now reached 9.6 W. Be careful when
comparing this to the original experiment, because the mass of nickel mesh
is smaller.

The calorimetry is MUCH better than Mizuno’s. It is splendid.

Mizuno expressed some reservations about these results because the heat
peters out after 2 or 3 hours. He thinks this might be caused by “impure
gas in the reactants or slight differences in nickel.” I do not think this
is a problem because:

1. Zhang ran several times with a mesh that produced no heat (p. 18).
2. I think the total heat release is too large to be explained as impure
3. The reaction is getting stronger between the second and third runs,
from 4 W 20 kJ up to 9.7 W 47 kJ. If this were caused by gas coming out of
the nickel mesh, I suppose it would fade away. He does not open the cell or
change the mesh between runs.
4. Zhang replaced the deuterium gas with argon. That killed the
reaction. I hope he did not clobber it permanently! Yesterday he told me he
went back to deuterium, but it is still dead.