Christos Stremmenos Dies

The following was posted by Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today.

Andrea Rossi

Dear Readers:
Today Nicos Stremmenos, son of Cristos Stremmenos, has informed me of the fact that his father has passed away today.
I want to say that Cristos is one of the most honest, genial, sincere persons I ever met in my life.
A hero of the Greek resistance, a great Professor of Physics of the University of Bologna, Ambassador of Grece in Rome, I had the honour to make with him many very important experiments, in collaboration with Prof Sergio Focardi, who was his Dean and also a friend of him.
I am very sorry, I can’t deny my emotion in this moment.
I present to his wonderful family my deepest condolences,
Andrea Rossi

Christos Stremmenos was a Professor of Chemical Physics, University of Bologna (Ret.)and former Ambassador for Greece in Italy. He was one of the early supporters and proponents of the work of Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi. He subsequently helped with the formation of Defkalion Green Technologies.

Here is a video of him talking about cold fusion.