Brilliant Light Power Claims COP of ~5, 100 kW Excess Heat with Suncell

There is a news report in the News section of the Brilliant Light Power website reporting on calorimetry results from recent testing done with the SunCell:

In addition to highly accurate power balance measurements by the recording the temperature change and water boil off of the water bath calorimeter (August 23rd video), SunCell® power measurements are being performed in molten gallium metal calorimeters. Rather than a water bath for cooling, a pool of 20-50 kg of gallium metal serves as a large heat sink, and the power is recorded by the increase in temperature of the gallium bath that is well mixed by an electromagnetic pump that also serves as a molten metal injector and an electrode of a pair to maintain a unique very low voltage plasma. The uniformity of the temperature is evident in the post-run SunCell® photo. The power is developed as soon as the hydrogen flows into the cell. The theoretical power from conventional chemistry with hydrogen addition is zero. The reaction of atomic hydrogen to hydrino or dark matter form of hydrogen catalyzed by HOH catalyst present in trace is the basis of this extraordinary hydrogen power source. A current result is an output of 120 kW for 25 kW input corresponding to about 100 kW of excess power from the hydrino reaction with no-hydrogen-addition runs showing energy balance (zero excess power).

It’s good to finally see some energy balance reports from BrLP, and these results in terms of COP and volume of power production show an impressive performance. Comparing runs with and without hydrogen is also important and confidence-building in their process.